The Elementary Years
From Sophomore to Glamour Puss
It's a rainbow!
Make new friends...but keep the old..
A circle is round, it has no end...
Boys are Funny
Last but not least...
The Evolution Of My Hair

From the Formitive years on up...

Well, this is what boredom will do to ya, This website is a visual presentation of my many different hair styles over the years. The picture to the right would be one of my first hairdo. Thanks ma!

Go ahead and look at the different pages... you'll see me evolve from an angelic child with a pageboy, to a peroxide nightmare. :-)

Oh yeah, and the last pages are of my friends... and needless to say when they see them on this website, my car is inevitbly gonna be egged...

what an angel

Here I might include a Guestbook Web Gem so I can keep track of visitors.